Study the antitumor effects of VO-Salen complex on HeLa and McCoy cell lines

gholami rad, Farah and Zahri, Saber and bezaatpour, Abolfazl and Razavi, Seyed Mahdi and Hasanzadeh, Farshad (2010) Study the antitumor effects of VO-Salen complex on HeLa and McCoy cell lines. Other thesis, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

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The presence of vanadium in biological systems, its possible physiological roles and insulin-enhancing action and anticancer activity have driven a considerable amount of research. The mineral complex of VO-Salen and 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen were synthesized and antioxidant activity of the complex was evaluated using DPPH reduction. The effects of the concentration gradients of the complexes were evaluated on HeLa and McCoy cells for 8h, 16h and 24h. The cytotoxicity and viability were evaluted by tripan blue staining and MTT reduction assay, respectively. The cytoxicity assays showed that VO-Salen is more effective than 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen. The IC50 of VO-Salen and 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen complexes on HeLa cell for 24h were 636/09 μΜ and 439/8 μΜ, respectively. These results depicted that VO-Salen and 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen complexes have significant anti oxidant capacity with RC50 654/6 and 281/7 μΜ, respectively. The apoptotic effects of the complexes were evaluated by detection of DNA fragmentation on McCoy cells. A concentration gradient and a time course effect on internucleosomal cleavage were studies. The results showed that the intensity of DNA-fragmentation was increased significantly by time and dose manner. The DNA-binding property of the complexes were evaluated using plasmid pET30 b as a template. The results showed that the VO-Salen complex was intercalated in the DNA .However, the 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen complex showed different results in the different concentrations of the complex.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Persian Title: مطالعه تأثير VO-Salen بر روي رده¬های سلولي هلا و McCoy
Persian Abstract: حضور واناديوم در سيتم¬هاي بيولوژيکي و نقش¬هاي احتمالي فيزيولوژيکي آن، از جمله افزايش فعاليت انسولين و فعاليت ضد سرطاني، توجه پژوهشگران را براي تحقيق در اين زمينه جلب کرده است. کمپلکس-هاي VO-Salen و5-Br-meso-VO-Salen سنتز و فعاليت آنتي اکسيداني آنها با استفاده از روش احياء DPPH اندازه¬گيري شد. تأثير شيب غلظت کمپلکس¬هاي فوق بر روي دو رده سلولي HeLa و McCoy در زمان¬هاي 8، 16 و 24 ساعت مورد ارزيابي قرار گرفت. سايتوتوکسيتي و توانايي زيستي سلول¬ها، با استفاده از رنگ آميزي تريپان بلو و آزمون احياء MTT بررسي شد. اين نتايج نشان دهنده فعاليت ويژه آنتي اکسيداني کمپلکس¬هاي VO-Salen و5-Br-meso-VO-Salen بود. بطوريکه RC50 برابر با 6/654 براي کمپلکس VO-Salenو 7/281 ميکرومولار براي کمپلکس5-Br-meso-VO-Salen بود. آزمايش¬هاي سايتوتوکسيسيتي نشان داد که VO-Salenمؤثرتر از کمپلکس 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen مي¬باشد. IC50 کمپلکس VO-Salenبر روي سلول HeLa برابر با 09/636 ميکرومولار و براي کمپلکس 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen برابر با 8/439 ميکرومولار در تيمار به مدت 24 ساعت بود. اثرات القاء آپوپتوز در سلول¬ها از طريق قطعه قطعه شدن DNAدر سلول¬ها تأييد گرديد. تأثير شيب غلظت و زمان بر روي قطعه قطعه شدن DNA سلول¬ها و شکافته شدن نوکلئوزوم¬هاي داخلي مطالعه گرديد. نتايج نشان داد که قطعه فطعه شدن DNA افزايش ويژه¬اي بصورت وابسته به زمان و غلظت دارد. اتصال کمپلکس¬ها به DNAبا استفاده از پلاسميد pET30bارزيابي شد که نتايج نشان داد که کمپلکس VO-Salenقادر به اتصال به DNAاست اما 5-Br-meso-VO-Salen نتايج متفاوتي را در غلظت¬هاي مختلف نشان داد.
bezaatpour, AbolfazlUNSPECIFIED
Razavi, Seyed MahdiUNSPECIFIED
Hasanzadeh, FarshadUNSPECIFIED
Subjects: Faculty of Basic Sciences > Department of Biology
Divisions > Faculty of Basic Sciences > Department of Biology
Divisions: Subjects > Faculty of Basic Sciences > Department of Biology
Faculty of Basic Sciences > Department of Biology
Date Deposited: 13 Jul 2019 07:44
Last Modified: 13 Jul 2019 07:44

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