In vestigation of effective climatic factors in landfill sites selection in shabestar in GIS environment

Bagherzade sis, Kobra and sobhani, Behroz and Salahi, Bromand and Valizade kamran, M.A. Khalil (2010) In vestigation of effective climatic factors in landfill sites selection in shabestar in GIS environment. Other thesis, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

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At present in many of developing countries, because of increased consumpting of different natural and man- made composite resources particularly in urban areas, a quantity of enormous garbage and other waste materials are being produced. Shabestar city, with mor than one million residents as a metroropoliton in dustrial area which is located in the northwest of iran, has been not nonetheless equipped with an organized varage system. During the last decades, garbage and other refused n\materials were mostly discarded in outside of the city without applying any specific managed strategy. Such unreasonable procedure could cause many environmental damages and conquently introducing a number of associated diseases in the context of study area. Accordigly, the main objective of the current investingation was to the spatial analysis procedures in selecting of an appropriate dumping site, Reaching the study purpose, in the first stage, all important topo-climatic and concerned ecological obserrations were collected to the Microsoft Office Access to accomplish an inclusive database of the study area. In the seconds stage, all spatial date layers were weighted and categorized according to well-known standards the the EDRISI soft ware package. Subsequently, four dissimilar multicriteria Desison Analysis(MCDM) algorithms such as: Boolean, Analytic Hierarchy process(AHP), and simple Additive Weighting(SAW) have been progressively applied to the date in the ARC GIS setting. Concurrent analyzing of revealed models and ground control points(GCP) confirm that the Boolean method is not accurately demonstrated a suitable landfill spot. Also, an exact examination of AHP model shows a few uncertainties on the associated result. Howerer, maps created by applying of SAW algorithms could been tirely trusted regarding very small variations on their spatial sites. Therfore, an overlaying technique was applied to all comman suitable parts-exposed by AHP and SAW models- to locate the final proper waste dumping site, which positioned somewhere in the northwest of the region. An initial calculation confines that the selected geographical location, with 10 hectares areas possibly will support remoral of 100 tone(on a daily basis) garbage for the next 15 years.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Persian Title: بررسي فاکتورهاي اقليمي مؤثر در مکان يابي دفن زباله درشهرستان شبستر درمحيط GIS
Persian Abstract: در چند دهه اخير، به علت ظهور و افزايش پديده مصرف گرائي در کشورهاي در حال توسعه، به ميزان قابل توجهي برحجم زباله هاي شهري افزوده شده است. شهرستان شبستر، يکي از شهرهاي بزرگ واقع در شمالغرب تبريز، با وجود پيشرفتهاي مهم، هنوز به سيستمي سازمان يافته جهت دفن زباله¬هاي شهري مجهز نشده است. اغلب موارد، زباله هاي توليد شده در نزديک شهر سوزانده مي¬شود که به علت نزديکي به شهر وقرار گرفتن محل دفن زباله در مسير باد غالب شهر بوي نامطبوع آن به شهرآورده مي¬شود که چنين فرايندي مي تواند باعث ايجاد آلودگي هاي محيطي و انتشار امراض مسري گردد. هدف اصلي مطالعه جاري، اعمال انواع تحليل هاي مکاني، با بهره گيري از فناوري سيستم اطلاعات جغرافيايي به منظور مکان¬يابي محدوده هاي بهينه- با حداقل اثرات سوء زيست محيطي- براي دفن زباله هاي شهري است. به همين منظور، در مرحله اول، کليه مشاهدات محيطي(طبيعي و انساني به تعداد15 لايه) مربوط به شهرستان شبستر به محيط نرم افزارARC GIS وارد و پايگاه¬هاي ويژه اطلاعاتي مربوط به زباله¬هاي شهري تشکيل شد. در مرحله دوم، لايه¬هاي رقومي بر اساس استانداردهاي موجود وزن¬دهي و طبقه بندي گرديد. در مرحله سوم با هدف يافتن مکان¬هاي مناسب دفن زباله، الگوريتم¬هاي مختلف تصميم¬گيري چند معياره تحليلي نظير منطق بولين، تحليل سلسله مراتب و روش وزني ساده بر لايه¬هاي موجود اعمال شد. بررسي نتايج اوليه مبين اين واقعيت است که مدل طراحي شده به روش بولين دو مکان را پيشنهاد مي¬کند. مدل منتج از روش AHP ضمن انتخاب مکان دفن زباله در منطقه قابل قبول، مناطق ديگري نيز پيشنهاد مي¬کند و با اجراي مدل SAW محدوده هائي با اندک اختلاف در شمال¬شرق شهرستان استخراج مي¬شود. سايت انتخاب شده با 10 هکتار مساحت توان پذيرش زباله به وزن صد تن در هر روز به مدت 15 سال را دارا مي باشد.
sobhani, BehrozUNSPECIFIED
Salahi, BromandUNSPECIFIED
Valizade kamran, M.A. KhalilUNSPECIFIED
Subjects: Faculty of Literature & Humanities > Department of Geography
Divisions > Faculty of Literature & Humanities > Department of Geography
Divisions: Subjects > Faculty of Literature & Humanities > Department of Geography
Faculty of Literature & Humanities > Department of Geography
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