Research in injection and that s effect at soil improvment

باهر طالاري, طاهر and محمدي, يعقوب and ايماني, هوشيار and نژاد سيفي, پرويز (2008) Research in injection and that s effect at soil improvment. University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

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By considering the increased developing of building making specially making, high storey's in our country Iran, and increasing the entering load to foundational soil and olso the need to use the problematic grounds because of their high monetary value , all technical methods are Investigating perfectly to reform the physical structure of under basis soils . The technology of injection also is propounded as a useful technical methods in elevation of under basis soils and in almost all populousness projects But , because these engineering methods are new and also because of the mechanism of the application of this method , that often are investigated and implemented in dissimilar class environments with high variety of geological structure and geotechnical parameters , we decided that investigate various under consideration parameters in using this method on various grounds in the form of an investigating design . In this investigating design , the successful executive mechanisms of injection were studied in Iran and worldwide by case investigating of some populousness projects . and their results have been prepared by producing tables , graphs and fellow charts of various processes of injections.

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Persian Title: بررسي مسائل تزريق و تأثير آن در بهسازي خاك
Persian Abstract: باتوجه به گسترش روز افزون شهر سازي وخصوصا" بلند مرتبه سازي در كشورمان ايران وافزايش بار وارده به خاك زير پي وهمچنين لزوم استفاده از زمينهاي مسئله دار بدليل ارزش ريالي بالاي آنها، تمامي راهكارهاي فني براي اسلاح ساختار فيزيكي و مقاومتي خاكهاي زير شالوده ها مورد بررسي كاملتر قرار مي گيرد.تكنولوژي تزريق نيز به عنوان يكي از روشهاي فني مفيد ، در بهسازي خاكهاي زير شالوده ها ودر اغلب پروژه هاي عمراني مطرح مي باشد. ولي بدليل تازگي اين راهكار مهندسي وهمچنين بدليل مكانيسم كاربرد اين روش ، كه اغلب در محيط هاي بسيار ناهمگن وباتنوع ساختار زمين شناسي و پارامترهاي ژئو تكنيكي مورد بررسي و كاربرد قرار مي گيرد ، تصميم گرفتيم در قالب يك طرح پژوهشي ، پارامترهاي مختلف مطرح در انجام اين روش را در زمينهاي مختلف ، بررسي نمائيم .در اين طرح پژوهشي ، مكانيسم هاي اجرايي موفق تزريق در سطح ايران وجهان بابررسي موردي برخي پروژه هاي عمراني مورد بررسي قرار گرفته وبا ارائه نمودار،جدول و فلوچارت مراحل مختلف تزريق، گزارش نتايج آن ارائه گرديده است.
Subjects: Research Projects
Divisions: Subjects > Faculty of Engineering > Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering > Department of Civil Engineering
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