The factors of social security improvement from point of view local community, Case Study: Meshkinshar County

حیدری ساربان, دکتر وکیل (2017) The factors of social security improvement from point of view local community, Case Study: Meshkinshar County. University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili.

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ocial security protection is clearly defined in ILO conventions and UN instruments as a basic human right – albeit one that a small proportion of the people on our planet actually enjoy. Broadly defined as a system of contribution- based health, pension and unemployment protection, along with tax-financed social benefits, social security has become a universal challenge in a globalizing world. Social security has a powerful impact at all levels of society of rural. The study aims at investigating the influential factors of social security Improvement from perspective of local people in Meshkinshahr County.The present study is a combined research that was carried out using qualitative (semi-structured interview) and quantitative (Likert questionnaire) techniques. In the first step, the factors affecting social security in studied area were identified from the perspective of local elites using semi-structured interview. To achieve this goal, 35 residents of studied region were interviewed individually who have academic education with at least a bachelor's degree. Snowball sampling method that is a non-probabilistic sampling technique was used for the selection of interviewees. In order to analyze the data of 35 conducted interviews, the method of open coding was used. And based on this method, interview data coding was done at two levels of primary coding or the first level and the second level or centralized coding. After the first and second level coding, 31effective causes on improving social security were identified. In the second step of the study, in order to identify and analyze rural communities' attitude and their theoretical agreement to the results of the first step, 31identified causes were questionnaire design basis by Likert method. It should be noted that studied population in this study includes all villagers living in rural areas of Meahkinshar County (N= 90935), among them 383 persons were selected as statistical sample using Cochran formula. Data collection tool in this study was a questionnaire that was designed with respect to the purposes of the study. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by a panel of experts. A pilot study was conducted in the same region with statistical population of 30 questionnaires and using obtained data and special formula of Cronbach's alpha in software SPSS, the reliability of different parts of the study questionnaire was obtained from 0.75 to 0.77. Analysis of the present study data was done in two parts of descriptive and inferential statistics and using software SPSS. At the end, result show that the most important of influencing factors to Social Security of rural in the studied area included component six such as (improvement of economical welfare indexes and interposal action of state, reinforcement of social capital and cognitive capacities, locational dependencies and mental relaxation, realization of social just and dependency of values) that the variance and explained accumulated variance number is (61.01) via this four factor. Finally, based on the results analysis, some applied recommendations have been provided.

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Persian Title: عوامل بهبود امنیت اجتماعی از دیدگاه روستاییان، مطالعه موردی: شهرستان مشگین‌شهر
Persian Abstract: هدف اين مقاله عوامل بهبود امنیت اجتماعی از دیدگاه روستاییان شهرستان شهرستان مي‌باشد. در مرحله نخست، عوامل بهبود امنیت اجتماعی در محدوده مورد مطالعه، از دیدگاه نخبگان محلی با استفاده از مصاحبه نیمه ساختاریافته مورد شناسایی قرار گرفت. برای نیل به این مقصود، با 35 نفر از ساکنان منطقه مورد‌ مطالعه که دارای تحصیلات دانشگاهی با حداقل مدرک تحصیلی فوق دیپلم بودند، مصاحبه‌های جداگانه‌ای به عمل آمد. در مرحله دوم تحقیق، برای شناخت و تحلیل دیدگاه اجتماعات روستایی و میزان توافق نظری آنها با نتایج مرحله نخست،31 علت شناسایی شده مبنای طراحی پرسش‌نامه به روش لیکرت، قرار گرفت. گفتنی است جامعه آماري مورد مطالعه در اين پژوهش، شامل کل روستاييان بالای 15 سال ساکن در مناطق روستايي شهرستان مشگين‌شهر مي‌باشد (90359N=)، که از اين ميان تعداد 383 نفر با استفاده از فرمول کوکران به عنوان نمونه آماري انتخاب شدند. روايي صوري پرسش‌نامه توسط پانل متخصصان مورد تاييد قرار گرفت. مطالعه راهنما در منطقه مشابه جامعه آماري با تعداد30 پرسش نامه صورت گرفت و با داده‌هاي کسب شده و استفاده از فرمول ويژه کرونباخ آلفا در نرم افزار SPSS، پايايي بخش‌هاي مختلف پرسش‌نامه تحقيق 75/0 الي 77/0 بدست آمد. براي تجزيه و تحليل داده ها از مدل تحليل عاملي استفاده شد و نتايج اين مدل نشان داد مهم‌ترين عوامل بهبود امنیت اجتماعی از دیدگاه روستاییان در منطقه مورد مطالعه شامل چهار مولفه (بهبود شاخص‌های رفاه اقتصادی و اقدام مداخله‌ای دولت، تقویت سرمایه اجتماعی و ظرفیت‌های شناختی، تحقق عدالت اجتماعی و پایبندی به ارزش‌ها و تعلقات مکانی و آرامش روحی و روانی) است که مقدار واريانس و واريانس تجمعي تبيين شده توسط اين شش عامل 01/61 مي‌باشد. و در نهایت، بر اساس نتایج تحقیق پیشنهادات کاربردی ارائه شده است.
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